100° Festival Hochzeitsaal  Sophiensaele, 25.02.11 

Performer Stammtisch Berlin, 13.06.11

„The stage is the savest place on earth, I could sleep on stage,“ (Michael Jackson); this work is a research of time structures, rituals and the course of actions that attempt to organize the start into daily live efficiently, satisfactory, low in loss of energy and high in aquisition of happyness. But, how should I dress, what should I eat, should I leave the house and why aren’t we, as animals, born into a simple world?- Just talk away physical and temporal limits: you don‘ t need to leave your house, don‘ t even wait. The world will freely offer itself to you, it will roll in extasy at your feet.


Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico D.F., 2010

A welcome and farewell party with chips and lemonade takes place in an old church called Ex Teresa.  It is organized together with the mexican performance artist Pancho Lopez. It is an experiment of how to get in contact and exchange with foreign people, transgressing the border of beeing a tourist, an alien, an unknown person.  Pancho and I get to know the night before and plan a sequence of actions and interactions. People from the audience take speeches, objects are exchanged, gifts are made, people get naked, firework burns. At the end a tombola with prices mainly based on different type of drugs.

sleeping dogs,  Mexico, 2010

Orbitale Festival Fridericianum Kassel, Festival Theater-Outlet Braunschweig 2009

Evolution:”We still have the whole cupboard full with marmelade, we don’t need any more marmelade”, Racism, Technology, Drugs, Art, Solutions. This Solo- Performance is a fragmentary storytelling piece in 13 little scenes that tries to understand historical processes and social human interaction departing from my limited, personal perspective. It is an experiment that has to fail. It is an experiment on speech and movement which is shared with the audience.

Orbitale Festival Fridericianum Kassel 2009

a performance with an unknown person

Caspar + Kirsten

Laboe, Germany, 2009

a marriage performance storytelling for my brother, imaging the live of Caspar+Kirsten and inviting the guests to write and tell stories about the future live of the couple

Ricarda + Roman

Basel, Schweiz, 2009

now it is my sisters turn to marry, similar actions occur

PPPerformance Festival Bern 2008

A mixture of movement studies, storytelling and interaction. Point of departure is the question wheather it is possible to send a person via Fed Ex to some part of the world. A new possible method of migration travels. Destination address is Joseph Kamadu,  6 Liverpool Street,427  Freetown, Sierra Leone.

With: „archive of crime“, Bremer Autoren+Förderpreis 2008, Lunatiks Produktionen

4 illegal actions in Bremen urban space: paint a sprayed wall white again, cement a handicapped-accessible ramp, wash a strangers car, clip a strangers hedge. The works occur at night and in secret. They deal with the question where private or puplic space begins and wheather it is a crime to help people.

„Art of encountering2007  a meeting of japanese + german Performers, Hildesheim

If I know that something will go wrong, will I still do it? At 5.30 a.m.  I dig a pit of 1,5 meters deep at „Paul Ehrlicher Park“,  get caught by the police, after explaining my matter and under the condition to put a red and white  „Absperrband“, (and under the condition to give it back to the police later) I’m allowed to continue my work  and to cover the hole.  Hours later a group of japanese and german people watch as I walk in a large circle and finally fall into the pit.

International Performance Association Hildesheim IPAH -Festival 2007

International Performance Association Hildesheim IPAH -Festival 2008

collective image work during  2 hours

chicken, Tenerifa, 2008


Kefir, Niederbayern Heftlehner, 2009


turtle, Mexico, 2010


visit: http://www.turbopascal.info

International Performance Association Hildesheim IPAH -Festival 2007

A growing installation of chairs and people which are seated frontal to the audience. The audience becomes smaller, the installation bigger. Within the installation people are provided with Actimel, chocolate, hot soup and tea.  I take photos of the installation and later on disappear so the installation is dissolved by the members.